Now we know why Clay Matthews missed the sack on Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz in the Green Bay Packers' preseason opener.

“See, Aaron Rodgers JerseysI did that on purpose because we work on scramble drills and A-Rod does it all the time,” Matthews said jokingly, referring to Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. “And I just, I wanted to let the guys get a look at it, and unfortunately we just weren’t ready for it.

“I mean, that’s my bad, Bart Starr JerseysI guess.”Matthews got his right hand on Wentz’s shoulder and his left hand around the quarterback’s waist but couldn’t bring him down. The missed sack led to two more missed tackles (one by Kevin King and another by Quinten Rollins) on a 38-yard touchdown pass by Wentz and, Jordy Nelson Jerseysaccording to defensive coordinator Dom Capers’ grading system, was part of 16 missed tackles in the preseason opener.

Chalk it up to the first time the Packers have tackled live since the NFC Championship Game in January if you want, but coach Mike McCarthy isn’t. And in practice this week there was an even greater emphasis on tackling drills even though the coach still won’t allow live tackling during team periods.

“You can throw a Band-Aid on it and say, ‘Oh, it’s preseason [game No.] 1,’” McCarthy said. Clay Matthews Jerseys“As you look around the league and you see a lot of that going on, but that’s not the way you evaluate your own team. We need to get better. These padded practices are important, Eddie Lacy Jerseysespecially when you do them back-to-back days.”

Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz wasted no time getting cornerback Ronald Darby in the mix.

Practicing with his new team for the first time Sunday, Carson Wentz JerseysDarby ran with the first-team defense, manning the left outside corner post. Fletcher Cox JerseysTypically that spot is occupied by Jalen Mills, but Mills offered to move while Darby is settling in since he is accustomed to that side.

"He played good," said Mills. "First day out so he still needs to learn the terminology a little bit. I know on one play, we called a certain thing and he was like, 'Oh, well we called that this in Buffalo'. Darren Sproles JerseysSo he still has to learn the terminology but you see him out there competing, and that's what you want."On Friday, the Eagles traded wide receiver Jordan Matthews and a third-round pick to the Bills for Darby, who was the runner-up for Rookie Defensive Player of the Year in 2015 and has 33 career pass break-ups in 29 games.

In explaining the move, executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman noted that the NFL is a "corner-deficient league."

"It's hard to find those guys," Roseman said. Connor Barwin Jerseys"It's hard to find guys who have been solid starters in this league and can play at a high level. And teams that have them aren't really ready to move them."

Why then, would Buffalo be willing to deal a 23-year-old talent with sub-4.40 speed and two years remaining on his rookie contract?

"You'd have to ask someone else on that," Schwartz responded Sunday. Jordan Matthews Jerseys"We're glad to have him here."

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Модуль "Работа с накладными" позволяет ускорить процесс оприходования товара в программу "М-Аптека+", а также значительно снизить риски возникновения ошибок в ходе обработки накладных.

Наша компания с каждым новым клиентом составляет список поставщиков, от которых он постоянно заказывает товар, после чего согласует с ними формат электронных накладных. Эти накладные приходят на электронный адрес торговой точки, куда доставляют товар, после чего они автоматически сортируются и попадают в модуль "Работа с накладными".

Модуль читает построчно накладную, и сравнивает ее данные с данными справочника Заводских штрихкодов товара (ЗШК) в программе "М-Аптека+". Это справочник уже заполнен заранее, и в дальнейшем сотрудники аптеки его корректируют по мере необходимости. При обнаружении несоответсвия данных в накладной и справочнике ЗШК, модуль подскажет дальнейший ход действий: создать новую запись в справочнике, отредактировать данные и тд.

Также важной особенностью нашего модуля является дополнительный контроль принадлежности препарата к группе ЖНВЛС по данным из накладной поставщика. Если обнаруживается, что в справочнике ЗШК не проставлен этот признак, а в накладной он присутствует, то программа предложит проставить его для данного препарата. Это сводит практически к нулю возможность неправильной расценки товара, принадлежащего к группе ЖНВЛС.

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